Our Story

A Family Affair

The Good Stuff is a family business. Born during lockdown, we were inspired to pursue our dream to create a family wine business. We began with our red blend in 2020 and our white and rose followed in 2022.

The Gunn family are synonymous with wine and Richard through growing up on one of South Africa’s most prestigious farms has received the greatest guidance and mentorship from his parents, Andrew and Rozy Gunn. Fortunately for Richard when he asked his father for a job after his studies he was told to, “go make mistakes on other people’s money” – this enabled exposure to many farms and aspects of the wine business over the following decade and a half.

Judith is Zimbabwean, and well, she believes Zimbabweans are the greatest celebrants of what is important in life! In this spirit, Judith is also a successful entrepreneur who through her love of celebration and belief that “bringing people together makes a better earth” has built up her business Masiwela Management as a trusted hospitality company working across the continent over the last 10 years.

Together they are a match made in wine.


With a great love for wine and for people, The Good Stuff is about bringing these together. We are about celebrating all that is Good in life. For us as a family we believe that while material things are nice, the truly important things in our lives are memories, people, endeavours, moments and experiences. We strive for and are humbled, that through our wines, we are able to be a part of people’s lives across the earth.

Rooted In Africa

The label depicts the African continent with South Africa being on the top of the world. We believe that some of the greatest wines come from South Africa and our roots as a family and business grow from here. We are very proud of the continent that we call home and it gives us great pride, as well as a true privilege, to be able to represent Africa through the wines that we produce.

The Good Stuff is born in South Africa and our roots run throughout Africa. We are 100% African! The people, places, pastimes……. sunsets, sunrises, sunshine, thunder, rolling plains and rising mountains. And, Ubuntu!

Our Winemaker

Christo Versveld is the winemaker behind The Good Stuff. Christo believes that when you’re comfortable in your skin, you express who you truly are. And that’s how he feels about the wines that we produce. They’re an authentic representation of the valley’s sunshine, soils, grapes and all round goodness. Together with Christo, we create accessible wines that drink beautifully, for the enjoyment of wine lovers around the earth.


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